UGX-1 group utility

Details & info

UGX-1 is a Max 4 Live audio effect built for using Ableton Live’s Session View and mapping Scene Launches to turn an effect on a Group on or off when that Scene is being triggered, enabling a workaround for the lack of automation* in Session View.

*Automation is only available in the clips via drawing envelopes and the overall automation curves are always getting recorded in Live’s Arrangement View.

This enables producers expand their abilities when performing live from Session View, and turn Group Effects on or off when launching a selected Scene.

How to use:

1. Have a Group with devices on it (Ableton native, Max for Live, AU/VST)
2. Put UGX-1 to be the first device on this Group**
3. Select the behaviour of UGX-1 (remote off/remote on)
4. Select device on Group to remote control***
5. Remote control the selected device with the ON/OFF button
6. Select the Scene to trigger UGX-1 to remote control selected device on/off accordingly to its behaviour set in Step 1

If you launch that Scene it’ll turn your selected device on or off, depending on your setup in UGX-1.

** If UGX-1 is not the first device on the Group it’ll notify the user with a red error message that won’t disappear. In such case, turn UGX-1 OFF and drag it to be the first device on the group. Then, turn UGX-1 ON again, and it should notify the user if the mapping was correct.

*** The text box will show the name of the selected device (Ableton native, M4L, AU/VST)

current version: 1.0