About me

When the Great Pandemic of 2020 broke out the world stayed indoors for a significant amount of time. In this time of lockdown I started developing tools and devices for music production in Max 8 and Ableton Live 10. Being a music producer for several years I figured that there are some issues or lack of features in the beloved gear most of us in the field are using, I begun taking interest of a software I was partly taught way back at the university; Max MSP. I started digging forums and purchased several online courses and tutoring to finally be able to publish my first ever device in April 2020. Since then I am publishing new devices almost every so often, the main focus being on hardware controllers and editor plugins for synthesisers.

I am always open for new requests, so you might consider sending me an e-mail if you’d like to request a new feature in any existing device or even requesting development for a new device. In case you observe inconsistency of functions or any other bug, please don’t hesitate to notify me!