Join my Discord!

Dear Users, I created a Discord channel that I’ll maintain for keeping in touch and to discuss my devices, request or suggest features and ideas or whole new devices.There is…

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Dear Users, is getting yet another update in the upcoming days! Check what’s new below! 7 new scales addedArabianPersianByzantineEgyptianOrientalRomanianHijaz User scale modeShift + click on the “Scale” label or…

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N-SEQ work-in-progress

Dear Users, I’m working on two new devices – partly released on as a beta project before – called N-SEQlive and N-SEQprod which are – as the name suggests…

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Launching BEET!

Dear Users, Today – among the domain-related joy – I launched a full drum synth with 8 engines and multiple outputs named BEET. This handy Max 4 Live Instrument can…

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Launching dotcom

Dear Users, From today my site can be accessed by visiting simply and e-mailing me is also much easier; simply 🙂 I’m starting to keep a blog -…

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News from Nora

On this page you can see all my published posts that are either about introducing new features to any of my existing devices, or previews and sneak peaks about future devices that I’m working on. Occasionally I reach out to music producers asking for testing services and provide access to plugins for free in return, so if you own any hardware synthesiser and would like to collaborate, be sure to follow my news feed and be notified about what gear am I planning to build a device for!


Get all the posts about updates for existing devices or whenever I feel the urge to shoutout that I’m working on something new!