anagram MIDI effect launch

Dear Users,

I’m happy to present anagram, a Max 4 Live MIDI effect that can shuffle MIDI notes in a clip just like how anagrams work – by rearranging existing elements.

The idea comes from Dan, who requested a device to use with Live’s Slice to MIDI function, so that one could rearrange the starting positions of the notes without altering other parameters.

I did some slight alterations to the original idea, so that one could select other parameters to be shuffled than only the note starting points, and made the device be compatible with both Live 10 and Live 11.

See how the plugin works in the video below, and visit the product page for further information by clicking the button below!

If you also have an idea for a device or would like to request a specific plugin to be developed, feel free to reach out to me at or use the contact form on my website! 🙂

Let’s make something together!

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