impkt bass drum synthesiser

Details & info

impkt is a bass drum synthesiser which operates with a sine wave and noise which then are affected by pitch and amplitude envelopes. The plugin features a multi-drive module which can be applied optionally to the synthesised sound. The plugin can operate on a free base frequency mode, but can also be synced to incoming MIDI notes. There is a Basic and an Advanced layout the latter features visual representations of both the envelopes and the output signal displayed on a spectroscope. You can save and load your presets and share them with the community.

How to use:

1. Create a new MIDI Track in Ableton Live
2. Drop impkt.amxd on this newly created MIDI Track
3. impkt is ready to use and is triggered by the note C2 by default**

**ipkt mutes the Body and Noise levels on load. impkt will always load in Basic layout.

current version: 1.0

How to use:

  • Create a MIDI Track in Ableton Live and apply the M4L device
  • Add impkt to newly created track and send in MIDI notes