Arturia Microfreak MIDI Editor

Details & info

This Max4Live MIDI effect is a comprehensive MIDI CC editor for the Arturia Microfreak with a built-in device updater, colour theme selector, randomiser and morphing engine as well as a dedicated XY control pad. The device sends and receives MIDI CC messages only. The device is built to directly pass all MIDI messages through as well, not to accidentally block the MIDI signal chain on the given track in Live.

current version: 4.0.2


  • Microfreak fw v4.0.1.1376
  • Synth has to be in “Local Off” Mode*
  • Ableton Live 9/10/11 with Max4Live licence**
  • Internet connection (for updater only)

* Local mode OFF & Knobs send CCs ON [refer to Arturia User’s Manual page 90]
** Live 9/10/11 Suite OR any Live version + standalone Max license

How to use

The device should be placed on a MIDI track in Live. It’s up to you whether you want to manually configure the MIDI INs and OUTs on this track, then monitoring incoming audio on a new Audio Track OR with applying External Instrument on a MIDI track and configuring the incoming audio to be monitored.
All the GUI elements are MIDI mappable and automation enabled, so you can either draw in automation curves and envelopes or use other M4L devices and other modulation sources such as LFOs and Envelopes. This allows you to create previously unachievable sounds.