Behringer Neutron SysEx Editor

Details & info

This is a Max 4 Live MIDI effect that should be placed before External Instrument on a MIDI Track in Ableton Live. The device sends out MIDI SysEx messages to control the parameters on the synthesiser. All these parameters are accessible manually on the synth as well, however they require the user to memorise what button to hold and which dial to use for setting them. The device functions almost the same as the official Neutron App – with its own advantages and disadvantages; the M4L device is more comfortable to use within Live, but it works one-way only sending data to the synthesiser. If you change a parameter manually on the synth, the GUI can’t adjust itself to reflect the current value – this is due to SysEx not being sent out from hardware, so there is currently no way of monitoring these in Max/Live.

current version: 3.0.0

How to use:

  • Create a MIDI Track in Ableton Live and apply the M4L device
  • Add External Instrument to send MIDI to your synthesiser