TankDrum sampler instrument

Details & info

A steel tongue drum or tank drum is a round steel slit/tongue drum originally made from an empty propane cylinder. The instrument is played with the fingers or with mallets.
I have recorded such an instrument and created a playable sampler instrument out of it in a format of Ableton Live’s Drum Rack.

The samples are legally royalty-free as I have recorded the physical instrument myself.

Adjustable parameters:

Fade in – Control sample fade in time
Fade out – Control sample fade out time
Spread – Stereo spread
Pan – Panorama (L-R)
Filter Freq – LP Filter Frequency (24 dB/oct)
Filter Res – LP Filter Resonance
Transpose – transpose all samples at once (by semitones)
Volume – all samples’ output volume

current version: 1.0

How to use:

  • 0. Download “NoraPatches_TankDrumMachine.zip”
  • 1. Open “NoraPatches_TankDrumMachine.alp”
  • 2. Save to any folder you’d like -> this creates a project folder
  • 3. Open this newly created project folder -> Open Tankdrum.als
  • 4. On the first MIDI Track, there is an Instrument Rack, click on the save icon on the bottom left corner to save this device