Wyndd noise drone instrument

Details & info

Wyndd is a generative noise drone Max 4 Live Instrument, that uses a random signal and a fast fixed filter bank together with and ADSR to create sounds resembling the blow of wind.

The eight wind chimes in the device are then amplified and reverberated (you can switch between the 12 reverberation algorithms.)

You can set the Octave Range of all eight chimes at once using the Octave Selector buttons.

The BLOW slider has a range of 000-999 and is wired to control many parameters of all eight wind chimes; the Frequency, Gain and Q of the filter banks, the speed of the internal metronome that triggers each chime, the ADSR that shapes the constant sound of the random signal and a base frequency for the very random signal itself.

There is a spectroscope and eight gain sliders to help you visually see the current blow’s spectral range and the overall status of the metronome.

The PLAY and LINK buttons toggle playback of the instrument; PLAY initiates playback, while LINK enables the Project Playback to control the instrument playback – in this case the PLAY button becomes unresponsive to clicks.

Using the Output fader you can control the overall volume of the Wyndd instrument – be careful with using it at high volumes. The instrument automatically mutes itself at load.

current version: 1.0

How to use:

  • Create a MIDI Track in Ableton Live and apply the M4L device
  • Add Wyndd to newly created track and send in MIDI notes